Financial Advisory Services

When choosing a financial advisor a governmental entity must feel confident that a financial advisor has the appropriate experience to represent its interests.The financial advisor should understand the entity’s needs, knowledge of innovative approaches taken by other governmental entities which can provide greater flexibility and lower costs, experience with various types of debt instruments, and the ability to complete the financing in a timely manner.

The financial advisor should be retained prior to the issuance of the financial obligation.Typically the financial advisor is engaged during the development of the capital projects program to assist the entity in preparing for a debt issuance, identifying and formulating the different financing alternatives, and planning its debt program.It is imperative that the financial advisor provides an objective and informed review of all aspects of the financial transaction.

All American has been involved in transactions at various stages of capital projects time periods. All American identifies and understands the client’s needs and goals and develops a strategy and financing structure that results in meeting the client’s needs and achieving the goals in the most efficient manner and at the lowest overall cost.