Special District Financing

Special Districts tend to be an issuer of all types of debt instruments including general obligation, revenue, subordinated revenue bonds, and lease purchase/installment sale obligations.General Obligation bonds are typically used by Special Districts for financing infrastructure; such as for curb and gutter, water and wastewater lines, recreation, and landscaping improvements.Sources of repayments are ad valorem property taxes.Revenue and subordinated revenue bonds are typically issued when a special district has a revenue stream generated from facilities, such as water and wastewater user charges.Typically a Special District pledges net revenue (after operations and maintenance expenses) from rates, charges, and fees generated from the specific facility.Water Districts tend to pledge revenues from water sales, water resource fees, and water capital development fees.Lease purchase financings have also become extremely popular where collateral value of the asset being financed, such as water rights, is being pledged.

Typically, All American underwrites the desired financial obligation (e.g. bonds, notes or leases) on a private placement basis, rather than through a publicly offered process that saves time and reduces costs of issuance for the municipal client. Private placements also allow more flexibility in contract terms since the municipality is usually dealing with one purchaser of the bonds, notes or leases